VERTIMOWING: Vertimowing is a process undertaken to deep cut and furrow grass to remove thatch. Turf area is swept removing all loose clippings. Turf is then mowed with specialised finishing mower reducing thatch residue further. This helps establishes correct levels, especially to playing fields. Surface is then swept for a second and final time. VERTIDRAINING: Vertidraining aerates and cores the turf to relieve compaction and allow deep drainage to enhance root and grass growth.

A fine layer of lawn sand is spread over swept turf areas to encourage new growth

Fertilising is carried out as standard practice during renovations to boost turf condition. All fertilisers used are of the highest quality designed to target specific solutions and safe for the environment.

Annual renovation works are scheduled to broadacre, passive areas and surrounds for playing fields and specialist turf areas such as turf wickets and grass tennis courts. This includes mowing, verti mowing, grass removal, top dressing, fertilising, laying of turf and spraying. Fine Turf Management has at its disposal specialised renovation equipment specifically tailored to broadacre turf management.
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