OVERSEEDING: The process of over seeding can be carried out on bare areas of soil or existing turf where coverage has been weakened. The surface is impregnated with another grass type to enhance vigorous growth thereby improving overall turf density.
Seed is spread at variable rates depending on coverage required. The high quality seed has a fast germination rate providing good wear tolerance to playing fields and areas where turf integrity has been compromised adding strength during winter months.

Broadacre spraying of playing fields for noxious grasses also provides liquid enhancements for turf surfaces. All operators carry appropriate spray licences. Spraying meets all Health Department regulatory codes.

Soil testing will highlight deficiencies of soil nutrition. Implementation of Soil Amendments including trace elements and conditions will rectify problem areas. The establishment of an annual fertilising programme will then maintain turf quality and control.

Water testing services are available should quality of water in use become questionable.

Design and construction of all aspects of either commercial or residential landscaping are available on request.
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